Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’ve heard that using Prolact+ H2MF® can actually save hospitals money. Is that true?

  2. Is Prolacta Bioscience a for-profit company?

  3. Is Prolacta a milk bank?

  4. What does Prolacta do with the milk they collect through the affiliated milk banks?

  5. What are your products?

  6. Where are your products being used?

  7. How do I know my preemie will benefit from Prolacta’s fortifier products?

  8. Why does my baby need a human milk fortifier?

  9. If a baby is prescribed Prolacta’s human milk products, how much does it cost a parent?

  10. What does Prolacta do?

  11. How do I know that Prolacta’s products are safe?

  12. Is Prolacta regulated by any federal or state agencies?

  13. How are breast milk donors screened prior to donating milk?

  14. Why is Prolacta no longer co-promoting products with Abbott?

  15. Why should I donate?

  16. Why do you conduct DNA testing on Donors?

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