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Prolact+ H2MF® Instructions for Use

Complete Line of all Prolact Human Milk Fortifiers For Specific NeedsTHINGS TO REMEMBER

Stop to read before you feed. Before feeding Prolact+ H2MF® check the baby’s chart to make sure you are feeding:

  • Add human milk directly into the Prolact+ fortifier bottle
  • Mix according to bottle ratios
  • Gently swirl
  • Refrigerate once thawed, good for 48 hours from when thawing begins
  • Do not add supplementation or medications directly to the Prolact+ fortifier and human milk mixture
  • Transition slowly when weaning from an exclusive human milk diet*


Under no circumstances should Prolact+ H2MF® be defrosted or warmed in a microwave.
Remove bottle of Prolact+4 H2MF®, Prolact+6 H2MF®, Prolact+8 H2MF® or Prolact+10 H2MF® from the freezer and label with date and time. Thaw product using either of the following methods:

  1. Refrigeration: (2°C to 8°C) Place unopened bottle in refrigerator. Once thawed, must be administered within 48 hours. Do not refreeze, keep refrigerated.
  2. Rapid Thawing: Place bottle under lukewarm running water, or place in a water bath. Do not submerge top of bottle. Warm only until product is thawed. Continued warming, or exposure to high temperatures, could result in damage to the product. Wipe outside of bottle with appropriate disinfectant to reduce the risk of contamination. Once thawing begins, keep refrigerated, do not refreeze. Product must be mixed and administered within 48 hours of thawing.

Always refer to the Instructions For Use when preparing product.


Instructions on preparing Prolact+ Human Milk Fortifiers HMF

* Please refer to the clinical guideline for Prolact+ H2MF® feeding transition
1 Nutritional values are based on the assumption that mother’s own milk provides 1.4g of protein per 100mL and 20 Cal/fl oz.

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