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  1. What does Prolacta Bioscience do?

  2. Are there other companies or organizations that offer HMFs made from human milk?

  3. Is Prolacta a for-profit company?

  4. Is Prolacta a milk bank?

  5. Does Prolacta participate in milk sharing?

  6. What does Prolacta do with the milk they collect through the affiliated milk banks?


  1. What are your products?

  2. Where are your products being used?

  3. How do you get human milk for your products?

  4. How do I know my preemie will benefit from Prolacta’s fortifier products?

  5. Are there any side effects?

  6. Why is it vital that critically ill premature infants get additional calories, fat, protein and minerals?

  7. What is the current standard of care for fortification of human milk in the NICU?

  8. What is the average size baby that uses Prolacta® products?

  9. Should a mother try to produce breast milk while her baby is receiving Prolact+ H2MF® in the NICU?

  10. Does Prolacta have proof that human milk is better than formula?

  11. What were the changes Prolacta made to their bottles this year and why?

  12. Were there any other changes made to the formulations or preparation instructions associated with the new bottle?

  13. If the graduation lines are not on the bottle anymore, how do I measure the final product volume?

  14. Can you give me an example of how you ensure the proper amount is provided in each bottle?

  15. What is the proper way to prepare Prolacta’s products for use?

Product Costs

  1. Does Prolacta sell milk to non-health care professionals?

  2. If a mother cannot provide breast milk for her baby, can she purchase some from Prolacta for at home use?

  3. Since parents cannot get human milk directly from Prolacta for their babies, where can they go to get it?

  4. If a baby is prescribed Prolacta’s human milk products, how much does it cost a parent?


  1. Why does my baby need a human milk fortifier?

  2. Why isn’t my breast milk sufficient nutrition for my baby?

  3. Are there other fortifiers available other than Prolact+ H2MF®?

  4. Where does Prolact+ H2MF® come from?

  5. Can I still give my baby my breast milk?

  6. Can my breast milk be made into fortifier for my baby?

Safety & Processing

  1. How do I know that Prolacta’s products are safe?

  2. Is Prolacta regulated by any federal or state agencies?

  3. How do you know your process kills bacteria and inactivates viruses?

  4. How are Prolacta® products able to meet the unique nutritional needs of the VLBW premature infants?

  5. Infant deaths in NICUs have been associated with Enterobacter sakasakii contamination. Do Prolacta’s products contain this risk?

Milk Banking

  1. How are breast milk donors screened prior to donating milk?

  2. Why should I donate?

  3. How do I know if I am a candidate to donate milk?

  4. Will I have enough milk for my baby if I donate?

  5. Can I donate milk I pumped prior to being qualified as a donor (previously collected milk)?

  6. When can I start expressing milk for the milk bank?

  7. When should I express?

  8. What equipment will I need as a breast milk donor?

  9. How do I prepare to express my milk?

  10. How should I store the milk prior to shipping?

  11. What if I have taken medications?

  12. What if I am ill?

  13. Can I drink alcohol while donating?

  14. What if I go out of town?

  15. How do I send in my breast milk donation?

  16. Will only babies receive my donated milk?

  17. Will I be paid for my donations?

  18. What is qualified milk?

  19. After lactation begins, how long can a nursing mother donate?

  20. What if I only want to make a one-time donation? I have plenty of pumped breast milk in my freezer that is more than my baby can use and I would rather not commit to donating on an ongoing basis.

  21. Why do you conduct DNA testing on donors?

  22. What resources are available if I have more questions?

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