Committed to babies and their health
Clinically proven to improve health outcomes of critically ill preemies
Committed to scientific and clinical research in breast milk
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Our Leadership Team

Scott A. Elster, Chief Executive Officer

Scott A. Elster

Chief Executive Officer

David Dreyer, Chief Financial Officer Headshot
David Dreyer

Chief Financial Officer

Scott Eaker, General Manager HMO & Regulatory Headshot
Scott Eaker

General Manager, HMO & Regulatory Affairs

Melinda Elliott

Chief Medical Officer

Joe Fournell, Chief Information Officer Headshot

Joe Fournell

Chief Information Officer

John Nelson

Chief Administrative Officer

Gloria Crockett

Sr. Director of Quality

Alyson Fuller

VP, Intellectual Property

Vincent Gaspar

VP, International Sales

Mark Hannon

VP, Operations

Alan Kofsky

VP, Marketing & Sales

Martin Lee, VP Clinical Research and Development

Martin L. Lee, Ph.D

VP, Clinical Research and Development

Susan Neumann - VP Milk Procurement Headshot

​Susan Neumann

VP, Milk Procurement

Victoria Niklas, VP Innovation and Medical Communication Headshot
Victoria Niklas

VP,  Innovation and Medical Communications

David Rechtman, VP Medical Affairs Headshot

David J Rechtman, M.D.

VP, Medical Affairs

John Shields, VP Legal Affairs and General Counsel Headshot

John Shields

VP Legal Affairs, General Counsel,

and Corporate Secretary

Adam Sun, VP R&D headshot

Adam Sun

VP, Research & Development