Susan Neumann - VP Milk Procurement Headshot

Susan Neumann

VP, Milk Resourcing

Ms. Neumann is responsible for milk collections and milk bank marketing and operations. She has over 18 years of experience in the healthcare industry in marketing, project management and contract relationship management. Susan began her Prolacta career in 2010 on a consultant basis, and she now manages all aspects of Prolacta’s milk collection efforts. Prior to coming to Prolacta, Susan was co-owner of a franchised home improvement company, where she was responsible for direct to consumer marketing, accounts payable/receivable, employee payroll, and many other office manager functions. Susan’s most recent corporate experience was as Director of Global Marketing at Baxter Bioscience, where she was responsible for strategic marketing for the immunoglobulin and antibody therapy area. Other experience at Baxter included corporate development supporting the biosurgical product line and hyperimmune product line and management of the relationship with the American Red Cross. Susan also worked at the Bushnell Division of Bauch & Lomb in marketing and at Cetus Corporation, a biotechnology company, as a laboratory associate.


Susan received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physiology at the University of California, Davis in 1984, and she received a Master in Business Administration at the University of Southern California in 1988.