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Baby Daxtyn

Daxtyn, born 25 weeks at 1 pound 5 ounces, benefits from Prolacta's product

Born at 25 weeks and six days gestation
Weight: One pound, five ounces
Days in the NICU: 95

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Baby River

Story of MicroPreemie River - how she thrived on Prolacta's product
At 24 weeks, I went into labor and delivered my baby girl, River - she was only 11" long and weighted 1 lb 7oz.
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Baby Lucy

Lucy Lau born 23 weeks benefits from Prolacta's human milk-based fortiifer
The story follows Cynthia and Ian Lau, both physicians, on their emotional journey after the premature birth of their daughter, Lucy. Delivered at 23 weeks in a remote part of Canada, Lucy was flown from Manitoba to the closest NICU two hours away, in Winnipeg.
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Babies Luke & Levi

The preemie story of Luke and Levi as told by their mom, Breanna.
“At 28 weeks and 4 days, my beautiful boys made their great debut. They made the cutoff for receiving the human milk-based fortifiers, but they were healthy – the absolute best-case scenario I could have hoped for!" 

Baby Micaiah

The preemie story of Micaiah as told by his mom, De Onna.
“While on an exclusive human milk diet, Micaiah thrived — he had no major surgeries or complications." 

Babies Luke & Ava

The preemie story of Luke and Ava as told by their mom, Christina.
“After the scare, the doctors put both Ava and Luke on the Prolact+ human milk-based fortifier that was added to my breast milk to help them gain weight and get stronger." 

Baby Luz 

The preemie story of Luz as told by her mom, Silvia.
“With an exclusive human milk diet, she consistently gained weight every day and never had an infection." 

Baby River

The preemie story of River as told by her mom, Angela.
"They prescribed human milk-based fortifier be added to her breast milk, in order to provide the additional calories and nutrition that was essential for River not only to survive, but to thrive."

Baby Mason

The preemie story of Mason as told by his mom, Elisha.
"I realized the importance of the human milk fortifier my own son received when he was in the NICU." 

Baby Leah

The preemie story of Leah as told by her parents, Brandi and Delvin.
"Thanks to our wonderful donors, we were able to bring Baby Leah home to her wonderful parents!"

Baby Rosie

The preemie story of Rosie as told by her mom, Emily.
"Rosie’s health and growth took off as soon as we put her on an exclusive human milk diet and the rest, shall we say, is history.”

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