Will anything be added to my breast milk?

Premature baby in incubator looking directly at camera.

Human milk fortifier may be added to your breast milk to provide the additional nutrition your premature baby might need. There are two types of human milk fortifiers available to your baby. One is made from cow’s milk and the other is made from human milk. The human milk-based fortifier is made from milk that was donated by healthy nursing mothers who had more than their babies needed. The donors are qualified in a manner similar to blood donors; they are rigorously tested for viruses, and then their milk is tested and screened again when it is received. The fortifier is essentially concentrated breast milk that has been pasteurized and released according to set specifications. Doctors don’t want to add more volume, just more calories and protein for these tiny babies to get the added nutrition they need.

An appropriately fortified exclusively human milk-diet has been shown to be beneficial for premature infants versus a diet containing cow’s milk. Be sure to speak with your baby’s neonatologist about the nutritional options for your baby at this critical time in their life.