How will my baby be cared for in the NICU?

Premature baby with closed eyes in incubator as female nurse listens to heart with stethoscope.

NICU Team:

Your baby will be cared for by a primary team that consists of neonatologists, neonatal nurses, respiratory therapists and dietitians. A secondary team will consist of pharmacists, lactation consultants, physical therapists and social workers.

NICU Environment:

You can expect to find the NICU to be quiet and even dimly lit. This is to decrease stimulation and stress for your baby. Each baby may be placed in an isolette (which is a small box that is temperature controlled) and closely monitored. There will be probes to continuously track their temperature, heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. Next to the isolette, you may find different types of ventilators that are assisting your baby to breathe. Hanging next to the baby’s bed may be pumps administering IV fluids and/or medications. All of these pumps and monitors may emit an alarm if they fall out of range. This is just to alert the caregiver to the status of your baby.