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You never anticipated on meeting your baby for the first time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). But here you are. We know that the NICU can be a daunting and stressful place. Here are some resources to help you navigate your way in the NICU.


Preterm Birth: What to Expect


100% Human Milk: The Best Nutrition

What is Necrotizing Enterocolitis?


Nutrition for Premature Babies

Spanish Version


What is a Human Milk Fortifier?



Why do Preemies Need Access
to an Exclusive human Milk Diet?

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Practicing Kangaroo


NICU Milestones




Facts on Preterm Birth                           PreemieWorld Special Edition Newsletter
                                                               on Exclusive Human Milk Diet


Why Premature Infants Need Access to an
Exclusive Human Milk Diet


PeekabooICU App - Free App for NICU Parents

  Educational Videos by Topic



What is a human milk fortifier and why does my premature baby need it?
Are there different types of human milk fortifiers?
Why is an exclusive human milk diet important for premature babies?
When is the most critical time for my premature baby to receive breast milk?
What are tropic feeds? What are enteral feeds?
How does my premature baby receive breast milk and all human milk?
What is TPN enteral feeding?
What is TPN and why is it necessary for preemies?

Medical Conditions


What is bradycardia?
What is ROP?
What is anemia of prematurity?
What is patent ductus arteriosis?
What is an APGAR score?
Why does my premature baby have difficulty breathing?



NICU Environment


Prolacta-What to expect in the NICU?

What is developmentally appropriate care for a premature baby in the NICU?
What are the characteristics of a 25 week gestational age baby in the NICU?
What feelings are normal to have when your premature baby is in the NICU?
What can I do for my premature baby in the NICU?
Why does my baby have to be in an incubator?
What is family centered care for a premature baby in the NICU?
How much time should I spend at my premature baby's bedside in the NICU?
Why was my baby born premature and placed in the NICU?
What are the LBW, VLBW, ELBW babies and micro preemies?
What is a central line?
Can I hold or touch my premature baby in the NICU?
What types of tests will be run on my baby in the NICU?
What is the difference between gestational age and corrected age?
What equipment is used in the NICU?


Medical Staff

Who are the people taking care of my premature baby in the NICU?
What exactly is a neonatal nurse practitioner?
What does a neonatologist do?



Blog Posts

How to Bond with Your Baby While Your Away from the NICU


Tips for Providing Breast Milk for your Baby

in the NICU


Where Can I find Lactation Support While in the NICU?

How Safe is Donor Milk?


The First Few Weeks of Life Through the Eyes of a Preemie


Parent Testimonials

Lucy was born at 23 weeks and was airlifted the nearest NICU, two hours away. This is her amazing story.

Abby gave birth to triplets at 24 weeks. They were each born weighing under 2 lbs. See how they benefitted from a 100% human milk diet!

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