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Webinar – Dr. Perez

INTRODUCTION: Please click on the links below to view segments of the recently recorded webinar, “Exclusive Human Milk Diet: Impact on NEC in Premature Infants” a clinical perspective presented by Jose A. Perez, MD, Chairman of the Department of Neonatology and Clinical Neonatologist for Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies, Orlando, FL. The links will take you to important topics covered in the webinar such as: an overview of clinical trial data and case studies on the benefits of a 100% human milk diet; pharmacoeconomic implications of a 100% human milk diet; and optimal nutrition with human milk fortification in the NICU.
Topic No. 1 – Review of data on an exclusively human milk diet: Impact on NEC in premature infants
Topic No. 2 – Review of Prolact+ H2MF® study randomized controlled clinical trial – Arm 2
Topic No. 3 – Review of presented case studies on the benefits of a 100% human milk diet
Topic No. 4 – Personal experience with a 100% human milk diet at Winnie Palmer Hospital
Topic No. 5 – Pharmacoeconomic Implications of a 100% human milk diet
Topic No. 6 – Have you seen any potential cost savings with the use of a 100% human milk diet? What are your thoughts on the cost?
Topic No. 7 – Are there any differences in demographics in the Sullivan randomized controlled study?
Topic No. 8 – What are your thoughts on the reduction in surgical NEC seen in Sullivan study?
Topic No. 9 – How and when do you wean babies off of Prolact+ H2MF®?
Topic No. 10 – What is the optimal nutrition for micro preemies?
Topic No. 11 – Do you have any concerns regarding dilution of mother’s milk with Prolact+ H2MF®?
Topic No. 12 – Do Texas hospitals receive reimbursement for Prolact+ H2MF®?
Topic No. 13 – How did you go about bringing Prolact+ H2MF® and donor milk into your institution?
Topic No. 14 – What are your fortification practices for larger premature babies?
Topic No. 15 – How do you estimate the cost for Prolact+ H2MF®?
Topic No. 16 – What type of post discharge fortification do you use?
Topic No. 17 – Have you experienced shortages with human milk products?
Topic No. 18 – Do you have mom’s that refuse to go off the human derived human milk fortifier?
Topic No. 19 – Does Prolact+ H2MF® have enough protein or do you add protein additives?


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