Same Quality Products With A New Look!

Thank you for your support and trust in Prolacta’s Neonatal Nutritional Products! Effective November 2017 you may receive products with the new bottle label. During a transitional period, that may span over a period of few months, some shipments may contain a mixture of old and new labels.

Safer, Easier-To-Read Labeling Is Here

  • Larger font provides instant product identification.
  • Bright new colors help provide a visual difference of the concentration level.
  • Convenient location of nutrient and mineral Information - all ingredient information is readily available on one panel (eliminates the need to turn the bottle).

What Is Not Changing

  • The same high-quality product that you have come to rely on. Same bottle, same fill size.
  • The nutrition information reflects actual macronutrient and mineral levels for feeding calculations.
  • Same barcode, same product code – will not cause disruption to your system.

*New Prolact CR® label coming soon. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.