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Donation Program "Has Changed My Life"!

I just wanted to take a minute (as I sit at working pumping!) and just say thank you all of you who work at Tiny Treasures. I can't imagine the number of emails and phone calls you all must get in a day from us crazy donors!

A friend of mine here at work has a baby in the NICU right now, and I obviously don't know what kind of supplements he is getting, but it makes me so happy to know that I have helped so many babies in the past year.

Plus, the extra finances that Prolacta has provided my family has allowed my husband to stay home two days a week and take care of our son. It has truly been a blessing to our family.

My son turned one last week, and I don't know how much longer I will continue to pump, but this opportunity has changed my life, and I hope that I have the chance the next child I have to participate in this program again. Thanks again! Liz Speicher



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