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Implementation of GS1 Barcode Standards and GTIN Product Codes

Prolacta Bioscience® is adopting the GS1 Barcode Standards and Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®) for its product label. GS1 Barcode Standards are recognized as providing multiple benefits to hospitals and healthcare institutions through improved product traceability and inventory management. The healthcare industry is adopting GS1 compliant barcodes in an effort to standardize information on product labeling, from product manufacturer to patient treatment, to comply with increasing legal requirements for global product traceability. Further information on GS1 Barcode Standards is available at

Prolacta will adopt the GS1-compliant 2D Data Matrix to display information on every finished goods product label, starting immediately with PremieLact®, Prolact HM® and the private label hospital milk product family. Depicted below, the barcode consists of four pieces of information for identification: the GTIN number to identify the product, the Lot Number which is unique to the manufacturing date and process, the Use By date, and lastly a unit-specific serial number. This number can aid a NICU that uses an automatic patient medical record system, such as Timeless Medical & InfantsTM or SafeBaby®, to perform the track and trace function by assigning the unique bottle number to each patient. The new label will also display the current Prolacta product code.

GS1 Barcode Standards will facilitate better patient care through improved product traceability and inventory management. Should you have additional questions, call Customer Service at 888-776-5228.