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Inspired by my son, I'm donating excess breastmilk to Tiny Treasures!

Blessed to help other babies in need

I started with Tiny Treasures in February of 2015 and have donated 9,000 oz to date! I'm so happy I found the Tiny Treasures Milk Bank since I produce 3 times the amount of breastmilk my son feeds on. It's rewarding to help premature babies with all the milk I have been blessed with. My son was 6 weeks early, but was born 100% healthy, weighing  7lbs.  

At 3 days old, my world turned upside-down when he stopped breathing and was taken into the emergency room. After many tests including a spinal tap, the doctor realized he wasn't getting enough nutrition when breastfed and was severely dehydrated.

From that day on, it was my mission to regularly pump and I'm happy to report that I haven't stopped. He will be 1 years old in 2 weeks and has not had a single drop of formula! I feel that God has blessed me with extra milk to help out other babies in need, so when I found out about  Tiny Treasures 

I knew it was what God intended me to do. Thank you for making my experience so great. I look forward to donating s o much more!

Thanks for reading my story! Megan