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Preemie parent De Onna

Parent De Onna

How would you describe your NICU experience?

“There is no one word to describe the feelings you experience while your child is in the NICU. The best description that comes to mind is waiting with bated breath. You wait in awe watching this tiny, beautiful, fragile yet feisty human fight with unimaginable strength. You wait, sometimes, in horror as nurses and doctors scramble to stabilize your child. You wait in prayer hoping God will once again perform a miracle. At some point you remind yourself to breath.”

What or who helped you get through this experience?

“What helped my husband and I through our NICU journey was our faith in God. We prayed and believed daily. We had an amazing team of doctors, nurses, and technicians who kept us informed and included us in the process. Our co-workers were invaluable, providing meals for the first couple months of our NICU stay. Our family and church prayed for and with us and were present when we needed them. It was also very important that we normalize our situation as much as possible taking pictures, reading and singing to our son daily as if he was home in his crib instead of in an isolette.”

What mantra or quote did you lean on during this time?

“There is nothing too hard for God!”