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Preemie Parent Valerie

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How would you describe your NICU experience?

I felt every emotion imaginable. The first few days were terrifying because I was so unsure of what would happen from one minute to the next. As Noah got older, I grew more comfortable and realized that he was in the best place he could be because he was getting the BEST care. I also witnessed tremendous strength – my son, this itty-bitty human, had the strength to keep breathing and growing when he should’ve been exhausted.  

What or who helped you get through this experience?

My husband, my family, and the nursing staff got me through the long months we spent in the NICU. Our primary nurses (I say “our” because they took care of both Noah and me) became a trusted source of support that I could lean on during setbacks, question to better understand what was happening, and count on to celebrate Noah’s successes and milestones with me. My husband and my family were a bedrock of support and love. I knew that they’d be there every step of the way and that I could talk to them at any time when I needed a comforting voice.

What mantra or quote did you lean on during this experience?

“Noah needs to be here, and every day we are in the NICU is a day closer to going home.”