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Clinically proven to improve health outcomes of critically ill preemies
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Prolact Product Safety

Reimbursement Considerations

Payor Consideration:

  • Diagnosis-related Group (DRG).
  • Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA) of 1982.
  • Cost-outlier (high costs or exceptionally long stays).
  • Stop-Loss Insurance consideration.
  • Letter of Medical Necessity (pre-authorization).
  • Prolact+ H2MF®, Prolact+ 4®, Prolact+ 6®, Prolact+ 8® and Prolact+ 10® supplement for High Risk Infant.
  • Chargeable item, not to be confused with complimentary human milk fortifier (cow milk-based).
  • Intended for 1-3% of all births.

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