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Transforming care for vulnerable babies by unlocking the power of human milk

How it works

Transforming care for vulnerable babies by unlocking the power of human milk

How it works

Prolacta makes a difference when it’s all on the line

By unlocking the biological power of human milk, we change the lives of critically ill infants around the world. All of our products are clinically proven to improve health and reduce complications1,2,3 when used as part of an Exclusive Human Milk Diet.

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Proven and published in over 20 clinical studies

Improves feeding tolerance2

Fuels brain growth with earlier nutritional intervention3,4,5

Lowers the rate of extrauterine growth restriction6,7

Setting the bar at state of the art

Operating the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade human milk processing facilities, we utilise vat pasteurisation and a patented manufacturing process to retain the highest levels of essential bioactive components while ensuring pathogen inactivation.8

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Unlock the power of human milk

Bring Prolacta products into your NICU

  • 1

    Identify desired clinical outcomes – such as reducing the incidence of bronchopulmonary dysplasia – and the anticipated economic outcomes

  • 2

    Get in contact with us to determine an optimal feeding protocol, as well as support for coding, billing, and reimbursement

  • 3

    Prepare your facility with implementation, staff training and parent education

The latest in how we’re making a difference

Improving long-term neurodevelopment with an Exclusive Human Milk Diet (EHMD)

New study demonstrates that human milk-based nutrition and fortification are imperative for long-term brain development in premature infants.

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Ready to help with anything you need

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