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Mom of three NICU babies, Brittnay, gives back by donating her milk

Quick facts:

  • Knows the struggles of having a child in the NICU
  • NICU graduate meeting all milestones
  • Tiny Treasures helps her save lives through her breastmilk

“I delivered at 37 weeks. My baby was 7 lbs 11 oz. It was a very scary time for my husband and me. Our little one, Kegan, had breathing problems and was sent by helicopter to a bigger hospital. We had two kiddos at home, and we were three hours away from them at a hospital which specialized in taking care of very fragile babies. Kegan was at the hospital for 22 days. The hardest part was needing to be in two places at once – it was tough! Lots of tears were shed each time we would leave our two at home or leave Kegan at the hospital.

The biggest challenges we faced were getting him off oxygen and drinking my milk from a bottle. He needed to have 95% good feeds by putting milk in a feeding tube through his nose. Then, we had to complete the car seat test. This was a challenge because he had to sit in the car seat without his oxygen level dropping. Although he didn't pass the first time, clinicians gave him a couple days then we tried it again.

Kegan was 8 lbs, 7 oz when we came home from the hospital. Today, Kegan is 9 months old and has met all his milestones. He recognizes his name when said, giggles and smiles, and loves to be in his bouncer and walker!

It's very important to me to help sick babies and know that my milk is saving lots of little lives! All three of my kiddos spent time in the NICU after birth, and one received donor milk until my milk came in. When I donate to Tiny Treasures, it's like giving back for the milk my son received when he was very sick.”