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Donor Lydia

Quick facts:

  • Works as pediatric home care nurse
  • Two-time Tiny Treasures milk bank donor

"I was born and raised in Georgia. I’ve been happily married for 6 years and together we have three beautiful children - ages 5, 3, and 1. I work as a pediatric home care nurse. I am interested in homesteading and our family raises chickens and has a big garden.

After our second baby, I found out that I overproduced breastmilk and wanted to do something with it that made a difference. I found Prolacta and thought their mission was wonderful. It’s awesome to know that I can help micropreemies!

I donated my excess breastmilk for a year and half. I became pregnant again and am back for my second journey donating to Tiny Treasures.

The most rewarding part of donating is knowing that babies are being fed because of my milk. The compensation for donating my breastmilk has truly been a blessing. It has allowed me to cut back on the number of days I work. It’s nice knowing I can help support and provide for my family, even if I don’t leave the house."

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