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Growth outcomes of small for gestational age preterm infants before and after implementation of an exclusive human milk-based diet

Source: Journal of Perinatology

Preterm infants fed cow's milk-derived fortifier had adverse outcomes despite a base diet of only mother's own milk

Source: Breastfeeding Medicine

Continuous feedings of fortified human milk lead to nutrient losses of fat, calcium and phosphorous

Source: Nutrients


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Structural and functional changes of bioactive proteins in donor human milk treated by vat-pasteurization, retort sterilization, ultra-high-temperature sterilization, freeze-thawing and homogenization


Frontiers in Nutrition


Liang, N; Koh, J; Bum J; Kim, B; Ozturk, G; Barile, D; Dallas, D

Application of industrial treatments to donor human milk: influence of pasteurization treatments, storage temperature, and time on human milk gangliosides


NPJ Science of Food


Salcedo J, Karav S, Le Parc A, et al.

Composition and variation of macronutrients, immune proteins, and human milk oligosaccharides in human milk from nonprofit and commercial milk banks


Journal of Human Lactation


Meredith-Dennis L, Xu G, Goonatilleke E, Lebrilla CB, Underwood MA, Smilowitz JT

Safety of donor milk: a brief report.


Journal of Perinatology


Bloom BT

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