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Preemie auntie and donor, Anna, takes great pride in providing quality breast milk

Quick facts:

  • Software Development student
  • Niece was born at 27 weeks
  • Donor tip: When in doubt, sanitize it again

“My husband and I live in Indiana with our three beautiful babies—Audrey, 4, Ava, 2, and Samuel, 6 months— as well as two fur babies. I am a full-time mom and in school part-time studying Software Development. I love a good cup of coffee, scary movies, showering in silence, and having a clean home. I am currently on my second donation journey with Tiny Treasures Milk Bank.

Helping neonatal intensive care unit babies is close to my heart. My niece, Maddie, was born at 27 weeks and just over 2 lbs (907 g). It was a terrifying time, but Maddie came out fighting and is now a beautiful, spunky 4-year-old who loves keeping her four older siblings in line.

The most challenging aspect of pumping for donation has been being diligent and consistent with my pumping, even when I'm tired. Finding time to pump throughout the day while juggling three very young kids is no easy task. I also pump every night before bed to avoid being engorged throughout the night. It's a challenging routine, but I know my supply would be negatively affected if I'm not diligent.

One of the most rewarding aspects of donation has been seeing my coolers pass Bacillus cereus testing and knowing all my sanitizing efforts have paid off! From a financial standpoint, donation has been a tremendous blessing to my family and has helped us through some very tight, scary financial situations. We are beyond grateful.

My advice to new donors: When in doubt, sanitize it again! Anytime I question whether my hands are clean enough to touch pump parts, or if someone else has touched any of my pump parts, I repeat the washing and sanitizing process. Just know, it's all worth it!”