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Fact sheet: Retinopathy of prematurity clinical information

Type: Fact Sheet

What is a NICU's cost in using Prolacta products?

Type: Fact Sheet

What types of tests will be run on my baby in the NICU?

Type: Fact Sheet


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CE Webinar: Exclusive Human Milk Diets in High-Risk Neonates: Evidence & Experience

Type: Webinar

Topic(s): Cost Savings / Cost Effectiveness

Supplemental product information: Prolact+10 H2MF

Type: Product Information


CE Webinar: Exclusive human milk diet (EHMD) for extremely premature infants: a fortification strategy to enhance bioactivity

Type: Webinar

Topic(s): Feeding Protocol Growth Microbiome

Proactive use of Prolact CR in NICU standardized feeding protocol

Type: Webinar

Topic(s): Feeding Protocol

CE Webinar: Donor milk bioactive protein survival across thermal processing and homogenization

Type: Webinar

Topic(s): Microbiome Pasteurization

How Prolacta leads the industry

Type: Fact Sheet

Topic(s): Company Information Pasteurization Probiotics Quality & Safety

Infographic: Breastmilk pumping best practices

Type: Infographic

Topic(s): Parent Tips Quality & Safety

CE Webinar: Early protein for ELBWs: striking the right balance with human milk

Type: Webinar

Topic(s): Feeding protocol Growth

CE Webinar: Clinical and financial benefits of implementing an exclusive human milk diet (EHMD) - a county hospital experience

Type: Webinar

Topic(s): Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) Cost Savings / Cost Effectiveness Feeding Intolerance Feeding protocol Feeding Tolerance Late-Onset Sepsis Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)

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