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Video: Standardized label updates

Starting January 2022:

Adjusted Mineral Content and Updated Labels

We are adjusting the mineral* content in Prolact+4/+6/+8/+10 H2MF® human milk fortifiers (human, pasteurized) to remain within the recommended nutritional ranges.

  • These adjustments will ensure that your preterm infant’s nutritional intake will continue to be within the recommended ranges recently updated and published by the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition1
  • These adjustments should not affect the way you currently provide nutrition to your preterm infants

Additionally, we are updating the labels on our Prolact+4/+6/+8/+10 H2MF fortifiers and Prolact RTF 24/26/28TM human milk–based premature infant formulas to include standardized values that reflect the minimal variation between our product lots.

  • Once available, your Prolacta representative will provide an updated nutrition brochure that has the same nutrition information on the updated product labels

We will begin shipping products with the adjusted mineral content and new standardized labels starting January 2022.

  • From January 2022 throughout 2022, we will ship Prolact+4/+6/+8/+10 H2MF fortifiers with the updated mineral content and new standard labels and Prolact RTF 24/26/28 premature infant formulas with the new standard labels
  • The date your hospital receives products with the adjusted mineral content and new standard labels will vary

*Sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and copper


  1. Kleinman RE, Greer FR, eds. Pediatric Nutrition. 8th ed. Itasca, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics;2019.