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Company Vision

Giving babies a brighter future by unlocking the biological power of human milk.

Company Mission

We discover, develop, and deliver life-changing solutions for critically ill babies and other vulnerable patients. We achieve this through innovative human milk research and leadership in quality and safety.

Foundation Mission

The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation works to extend Prolacta’s corporate mission into the community by promoting the understanding of human health and development, empowering parents, and nurturing our communities.


Since 2019, the Foundation has proudly contributed to 29 nonprofit organizations championing these important causes.

Foundation Overview

The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation was created in 2019 to advance science and strengthen the communities in which Prolacta employees work and live. Our foundation provides financial and volunteer support to nonprofit partners working to promote the understanding of human health and development, empower parents and nurture our local communities.

Promote the Understanding of Human Health and Development – We support educational and outreach efforts that improve the health of infants and children, thereby supporting healthier families and neighborhoods.

Empower Parents – We want to empower parents, particularly those who are disadvantaged, in the areas of neonatal care and infant nutrition to decrease social, behavioral, and health risk factors that affect birth outcomes and contribute to infant mortality.

Nurture our Communities – We strive to nurture healthier communities where our employees live and work, primarily in the areas of health, wellness, and nutrition.

Promote the Understanding of Human Health and Development

The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation proudly supports the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Breastfeeding, to help educate and deliver messaging to ensure that every baby is born into an environment that is supportive of breastfeeding. The Lectureship Grants aim to spread knowledge about the benefits of breastfeeding and an exclusive human milk diet for premature infants in the NICU.

Empower Parents

Mended Hearts, an organization dedicated to offering support and education to all heart patients and families affected by heart disease, will use funding from Prolacta Bioscience Foundation to create a Mended Little HeartGuide app. This app will provide valuable information and resources to new parents such as feeding and nutrition. In addition, it will offer educational content on transplants, growth, and development. The content will be available in both English and Spanish, allowing families to easily access the information everywhere they go, including the hospital, medical appointments and educational meetings.

Nurture Our Communities

The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation supports Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso, in collaboration with the El Paso Children’s Hospital, to establish an annual event to unite NICU physicians, nurses, hospital staff, and former NICU patients, known as "Tiny Warriors,” and their families. The event highlights the importance of the NICU and the impacts that high quality medical care and highly skilled staff can have on families. This event demonstrates the value of the NICU to the community and its role in shaping the future of health care for newborns in the El Paso region.


The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation limits grants to nonprofit organizations which are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and align with one or more of our three giving areas. Preference is given to organizations that serve locations where our employees live and work. The dollar amount of individual grants varies and is based upon a clear understanding of impact, sustainability, and overall project budget.

To be considered for funding, submit a completed online application and include an electronic copy of your organization’s IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter, your organization’s annual budget, project budget, and other promotional materials or supporting documentation that would assist in the evaluation process. The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation’s board of directors meets quarterly to review funding requests.

Prolacta Grant Cycle:

Application Deadline Review Process
December 31 February
June 30 July
August 31 October

If your proposal is denied funding, you may resubmit a funding request for the following calendar year.

Please note that the Prolacta Bioscience Foundation is unable to provide any goods or services to individuals or organizations.


Board of Directors

Vanessa Scott, President

John Bacich, Director

John Shields, Secretary

Dr. Elizabeth DuBois, Director

Dr. Michal Young, Director

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