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Part-time stay-at-home mom Tiffanie loves giving back and appreciates compensation

Quick facts:

  • Struggled with infertility
  • Had an oversupply and didn’t want “liquid gold” to go to waste
  • Compensation allows her to work part-time and stay home with her son

“My husband, Ben, and I live in Southern California with our amazing son, Grayson, 1.5 years old. We are a very healthy and active family and enjoy camping, hiking, and visiting our favorite place: Disneyland!

After struggling with infertility and suffering a miscarriage, Ben and I were blessed with our little boy. As a first-time mom in my 30’s, I had a lot to learn. Once I realized that I had an oversupply of breastmilk, I didn’t want my excess “liquid gold” to go to waste, so I searched for donation options online and found Tiny Treasures. I knew how overwhelming and hard things can be as a new mom and wanted to give back to other mommas and babies in need.

Helping sick babies through donation is so rewarding. Even though Grayson weaned off breastmilk at 1 year of age, I have continued pumping solely for donation. Pumping can be literally draining, but it doesn’t feel like work because the outcome is truly life changing. The compensation from donation is a blessing for my family because it enables me to work just part-time and spend most of my time home with Grayson.

My advice for new donors: Don’t stress! Donation is a strict process and can be a little scary, but the Tiny Treasures coordinators are amazing and here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out for support.”