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Celebrating 127 out of 127 quality-passed coolers from donor Jackylou

Quick facts:

  • Experience as a NICU mother prompted her to become a milk donor
  • Found Tiny Treasures Milk Bank through a Facebook pumping support group
  • Sent 127 donation coolers over 6 years

“My husband and I have four children, James, 8, Micah, 6, Reina, 2, and Maleah, 5 months. We own a private security business in Southern California. Everyone in my family is a baseball fanatic, and we love creating lasting memories and new experiences through traveling. In my spare time, I enjoy baking, arts and crafts, sports activities, and spending time in nature and the water.

James was a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) baby. During his hospital stay, I learned about some of the critical health complications experienced by some NICU babies and the lifesaving impact breast milk can have. Once I established a surplus in my milk supply, I knew I wanted to become a milk donor. I researched donation and learned about the Tiny Treasures Milk Bank through an exclusive pumping support group on Facebook. If I could make a difference for even just one premature little one through donation, it would be worth it.

I am now on my third donation journey with Tiny Treasures, which is so rewarding. Over the last 6 years, I have sent 127 donation coolers, all of which passed testing! I am very proud of this and love knowing that my breast milk has saved or improved the quality of life for NICU and premature babies.

My biggest donation-related challenge is staying on a consistent pumping schedule while balancing everyday tasks and my family’s busy schedule. My solution to this obstacle is using an accessible hands-free, cordless pump for those busy times when I’m unable to sit down and pump.

My advice to new donors: Maintain a schedule. Have a routine in place for pumping, cleaning/sanitizing, and freezing/packing milk. Relax, enjoy the journey and stay present because it doesn’t last forever.”