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Donor Lindsey

Quick facts:

  • Second-grade teacher, former stay-at-home mom
  • Values reduced risk of breast cancer due to breastfeeding

“I'm a mother to two littles, Zayla, 2.5, and Zoey, 1. They are my world! In my spare time, I enjoy watching TV and movies with my girls. l recently returned to work, after being a stay-at-home mom for a year. I'm a second-grade teacher at one of the lowest income schools in my area. Prior to the pandemic, students shared supplies as a classroom community, but now they are required to have their own school materials, which is a financial burden on many families. Thanks to my extra income from donation, I’m able to provide supplies for about 20 second graders!

After Zayla was born, someone told me about Tiny Treasures and that milk donated to the program benefits micro preemies. I couldn't wait to find out how to become more involved! I donated with Zayla for 11 months, and am currently on month 11 of my second donation journey, with Zoey. So far, I've sent 76 coolers, and hope to get to 100 someday! It is so rewarding being able to provide milk for not only my own child, but so many others. Continuing to express breast milk is very important to me, not only for the benefit of my child and other fragile babies, but also because of the health benefits. Both of my grandmothers passed away from breast cancer before I was born, so I want to do everything I can to lower my risk of developing it. Ultimately, I plan to pump until my body tells me I’m done!

My advice for new donors: Listen to your body! Establish and keep a routine with maintaining and cleaning/sanitizing your pump parts, and storing milk.”