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Donor Sandra donates her breastmilk to help fragile babies

Quick facts:

  • Currently works as an education specialist with kids who have learning disabilities
  • Second time as a Tiny Treasures Milk Bank donor

“My husband and I have been married for 14 years, and we have three beautiful girls. I am an education specialist who works with elementary-school kids with learning disabilities. I love to make learning more fun, engaging, and accessible by setting up sensory activities for my students and my own children.”

My donation journeys

“I never knew that breastmilk donation was a ‘thing’ until I had a massive oversupply with my second baby. After doing some research, I learned about the benefits of breastmilk—how it can be used to help babies in need—and that’s when I discovered Tiny Treasures Milk Bank. I donated for eight months when I had my second baby, and then for another eight months with my third.

The most rewarding aspect of donation has been knowing that I’m contributing nutrition to fragile babies. I started donating to Tiny Treasures Milk Bank when my middle daughter was 10 months old. Now she helps me pack the coolers and is one of my biggest cheerleaders. I love seeing her excitement as we prepare to send donations to babies in need. Between my two pumping journeys, I’ve sent 100 coolers, all of which have passed testing. I’m so proud of this!

The biggest challenge throughout my donation journey has been figuring out how to fit my pumping routine into my schedule. It really feels like a full-time job! I spend at least five hours per day pumping, which is spread out over five sessions, starting at 5:45 am and ending at 11:30 pm. This is in addition to time spent bagging and freezing milk and washing and sterilizing pump parts. I have to actively manage my schedule to fit in engaged family time.

My advice to new donors would be this: Pumping is hard work, so it helps to remember why you’re doing it; remind yourself that your donations to Tiny Treasures Milk Bank are important—your sacrifice is helping to save babies in need."

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