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Kim donates nearly 50,000 ounces to help babies

Quick facts:

  • Stay-at-home mom; used to work in an obstetrics practice
  • Military family who appreciates the flexible and added income
  • All her donations passed bacillus cereus testing

“My husband, Luis, and I have three wonderful boys—Ethen, Ayden, and Kysen. Before the boys were born, I was in school for nursing and worked for a private obstetrics practice. Now my focus has shifted to being a stay-at-home mom and homeschooling our boys.

With Ayden, I found I had an oversupply of breast milk and discovered Tiny Treasures Milk Bank through an internet search; however, it wasn’t until Kysen was born that I decided to go through the process of becoming qualified as a donor with Tiny Treasures Milk Bank. Three and a half years later, I am still on this amazing journey, and my only regret is not following through with my donor application back when Ayden was born. I love knowing that my breast milk helps medically fragile babies.

Since Luis is in the military, our family routine frequently changes with his training and deployments. It can be difficult to stick to a pumping routine while taking care of our three boys in his absence but keeping everyone busy helps pass the time and gives me the time to focus on pumping. Luis has always been my biggest supporter on this journey and having phone calls and video chats with him helps me get through.

Donating 49,000 ounces in 3.5 years has been my biggest pumping achievement—and all my breast milk has passed bacillus cereus testing! My new focus is increasing how many ounces I send with each donation. Through my pumping journey, I’ve also learned the importance of breast shield fit and what type of pump works best for me. This has inspired me to help other women in their lactation journeys by becoming an international board-certified lactation consultant short term, and a midwife long term, both goals I’m currently working toward.

The compensation from donating has helped pay off a vehicle and allowed my family to take some fun mini vacations.

My advice to new donors: Find a “pumping spot” in your home and stick to a routine. My family knows not to go around or touch my pumping area.”