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Donor Rebecka

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What made you want to become a breastmilk donor?

I wanted to become a breastmilk donor because I knew there were babies out there who needed the nutrients found in breastmilk. I have a healthy son who had more milk than he could drink.

Why did you choose to donate to Helping Hands Milk Bank?

I knew that Helping Hands Milk Bank would give my milk to those babies who truly needed it.

What does it mean to you that your milk donations support Susan G. Komen® research?

It means the world. I don’t think people realize how common breast cancer is unfortunately. And to know that I’m helping support a foundation that helps people with breast cancer is amazing.

What is the most rewarding part about donating for you?

The most rewarding thing is knowing that I am helping to keep little NICU babies alive. I can’t imagine the stress of a new mom with a baby in the NICU and trying to stress about milk supply. Knowing that I can take that small stress away means the world to me.