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The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation empowers parents and communities with over half a million dollars in grant funding in 2022

DUARTE, Calif., February 15, 2023 – The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation, an organization that promotes the understanding of human health and development to empower parents and nurture communities, today announced its contributions to 29 organizations that support human health and development surpassed $500,000 in grants to charitable organizations in 2022 alone.

“Together with our partners we’re striving to nurture healthier communities with education and outreach efforts that benefit infants, children, and parents,” said Vanessa Scott, president of the Prolacta Bioscience Foundation. “We’re proud to have had a lasting impact  with meaningful donations to hands-on organizations that make a difference in individuals’ lives.” Launched in 2019, the foundation is dedicated to empowering parents, advancing infant nutrition, and improving neonatal healthcare. The foundation provides financial and volunteer support to nonprofit partners whose programs work toward one or more of three goals:

  1. Promote the Understanding of Human Health and Development – Foundation grants support educational and outreach efforts that improve the health of infants and children, thereby supporting healthier families and neighborhoods.
  2. Empower Parents – The foundation seeks to empower parents, particularly those who are disadvantaged, in the areas of neonatal care and infant nutrition. The goal is to decrease social, behavioral, and health risk factors that affect birth outcomes and contribute to infant mortality.
  3. Nurture our Communities – The foundation nurtures healthier communities where Prolacta employees live and work, primarily in the areas of health, wellness, and nutrition.

Foundation awards reflect a broad geographic range, as reflected in this partial list of 2022 grantees:

“The grant from the Prolacta Foundation helps us make things a little easier for our families during a very difficult time,” said The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHCA) Grants Manager Strategic Partnerships Leader Tawny Basinger. “Their funding enabled us to offer meal vouchers which is crucial to keeping families nourished and at their baby’s bedside.”

In response to COVID-19-related visitor restrictions, RMHCA had been delivering 25 dinners to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) once each evening. However, sometimes families were unable to receive their warm dinners at the set time due to treatment challenges with their baby, meeting with doctors, or other issues. RMHCA needed outside funding to expand the support it offers to families whose babies are in the NICU at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

With the Prolacta Bioscience Foundation’s grant, RMHCA has expanded the program to provide hot meals for families throughout the day, providing greater flexibility for families. The grant provides funding for nearly 3,000 hot meals to support families during their NICU stay.

About the Prolacta Bioscience Foundation

Established in 2019, the Prolacta Bioscience Foundation works to extend Prolacta’s corporate mission into the community by promoting the understanding of human health and development, empowering parents, and nurturing our communities. Board members include Vanessa Scott, president; directors John Bacich, Dr. Elizabeth DuBois and Dr. Michal Young; John Shields, secretary; Smety Hechmi, treasurer.

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