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How to obtain a tissue bank license (required for hospitals in California, New York, and Maryland)

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Learning Objectives:

In California, a tissue bank license is required for any hospital that stores and dispenses donor milk. This presentation is intended to help practitioners who are planning to start using donor milk or looking to renew their license to navigate the tissue bank application process and avoid common pitfalls. 

  • Identify key team members who will be dealing with donor milk
  • Review important policies and procedures on storing and handling donor milk
  • Discuss equipment and supplies
  • Examine the information required on the California tissue bank license application


Amy Mailand Paradis is a nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist from Modesto, California. An advanced practice neonatal nurse, Amy has 29 years of experience, including 13 years in a Level III NICU medical center. She is a frequent lecturer and a researcher on topics related to neonatal care