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Meet Donor Rebekah

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When I realized my deep freeze was getting full and knew breastmilk was liquid gold, I knew I needed to continue my pumping schedule and share the wealth! I had followed an acquaintance’s journey with her little one in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and it was the least I could do since I was so lucky my little ones were carried to term and born healthy and strong. I chose Helping Hands Milk Bank after researching a couple banks; and after interacting with individuals associated with the milk bank, I knew I made the right decision! It was an additional sign I had chosen correctly when I noticed the Susan G. Komen® research alliance, as my mom is a breast cancer survivor! She has been 10 years in remission and 4.5 years of loving on her grandbabies! The most rewarding part of all of this is that the additional breastmilk I’ve been able to produce isn’t going to waste. And my babies and I were able to help others. It didn’t cost me anything. The gift I was able to share is something that literally can’t be replaced.