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Peekaboo ICU Educational App for Parents of Premature Babies in the NICU

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Peekaboo ICU, a leading provider of education and support to parents of premature babies, today announced the launch of its free Peekaboo ICU Preemie App. This is the first free app that can be customized by NICU parents to track their preemie’s individual growth and development. Designed to inform, inspire and engage parents, the app empowers parents from day one, providing education and support during a period of time fraught with unexpected decisions.

A major breakthrough in NICU education, the Peekaboo ICU Preemie App offers the following resources to parents:

  • Navigating the NICU – A crash course on the specialized equipment, terminology, and team members who will care for your infant, as well as insights on how parents can best care for a premature baby.
  • Preemie Development – Learn about developmental milestones for preemies at various weight and gestational ages.
  • Nutritional Needs – Understand the vital role nutrition plays in preemie development and the benefits of a 100% human milk diet for extremely low birth weight babies. Record mom’s pumping sessions and milk production.
  • Growth Chart and Trackers – Log and track your baby’s daily weight, length and head circumference, which are then automatically plotted on a personalized infant growth chart.
  • Anatomy – Learn about a preemie’s unique bodily and physical needs, and how their anatomy may be affected by an early arrival.
  • Milestones – Record special preemie milestones and memories, such as the first diaper change, first bath, and moving from an incubator to a crib.
  • Journal – Document the NICU journey with daily thoughts, experiences and accomplishments. Customize with pictures, and share with family and friends via email or social media