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Growth outcomes of small for gestational age preterm infants before and after implementation of an exclusive human milk-based diet

Source: Journal of Perinatology

Preterm infants fed cow's milk-derived fortifier had adverse outcomes despite a base diet of only mother's own milk

Source: Breastfeeding Medicine

Continuous feedings of fortified human milk lead to nutrient losses of fat, calcium and phosphorous

Source: Nutrients


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Beyond necrotizing enterocolitis prevention: improving outcomes with an exclusive human milk-based diet


Breastfeeding Medicine


Hair AB, Peluso AM, Hawthorne KM, et al.

Greater mortality and morbidity in extremely preterm infants fed a diet containing cow milk protein products


Breastfeeding Medicine


Abrams SA, Schanler RJ, Lee ML, Rechtman DJ

Impact of early human milk on sepsis and health-care costs in very low birth weight infants


Journal of Perinatology


Patel AL, Johnson TJ, Engstrom JL, et al.

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