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Packing improvement for product shipments

At no additional cost to customers, Prolacta has enhanced the way its products are packed for shipment to further ensure product integrity by mitigating possible damage to product bottles or caps.

Bubble Wrap Added

Thin layers of bubble wrap are now added for cushioning the product when packed in a cooler.

  • One layer of bubble wrap sits between the cardboard and the top layer of product
  • Two layers of bubble wrap are placed between the top and bottom layers of product
  • If there is any empty space remaining in the cooler after the product is added, bubble wrap is used to fill the void

The bubble wrap is recyclable and can be sent back to Prolacta in the returnable cooler if desired.

What Has Not Changed

Other aspects of the packing process have not changed, and receiving and storage requirements remain the same.

  • Nothing has been eliminated from the previous packing configuration
  • All Prolacta products are still packed frozen under dry ice in a returnable and reusable insulated cooler
  • The Prolacta shipping cartons should still be immediately taken to the location where the frozen product will be stored
  • Product must be stored at -20°C (-4°F) or colder in the freezer until ready to thaw for preparation and use

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