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The top 25 consumer HealthTech companies of 2024

The Healthcare Technology Report

April 22, 2024

The Healthcare Technology Report is pleased to announce The Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Companies of 2024. As new consumer devices and applications are released each year and innovators rush to develop the best tools to monitor health, communicate with healthcare professionals, and alleviate illness and discomfort, these companies remain atop their field. The companies being recognized have demonstrated excellence in both product effectiveness, management team caliber, as well organization strength. Ultimately, the 25 award recipients improve the quality of life for large populations across the nation and around the globe.  

Among this year’s awardees is Headspace, which provides accessible mental health support in the form of mindfulness tools, coaching, therapy, and psychiatry, and an all-new extended reality (XR) mindfulness experience. Noom, also recognized on the list, is a weight loss app that puts psychology, technology, and coaching to work to change habits and improve lives. Cannabis company Parallel makes an appearance; their focus on social equity and consumer advocacy is achieved through their multi-state retail, manufacturing, and cultivation operations.

The nominees underwent a methodical review process, which included consideration for the work environment they provide employees and service they provide to customers.  Please join us in recognizing the accomplishments of The Top 25 Consumer HealthTech Companies of 2024.


WebMD, an Internet Brands company headquartered in New York, NY, is at the heart of the digital health revolution that is transforming the healthcare experience for consumers, patients, healthcare professionals, employers, health plans, and health systems. Through public and private online portals, mobile platforms, and health-focused publications, WebMD delivers leading-edge content and digital services that enable and improve decision-making, support and motivate health actions, streamline and simplify the healthcare journey, and improve patient care.

The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, WebMD Ignite (encompassing Krames, The Wellness Network, and Mercury Healthcare), Jobson Healthcare Information, MediQuality, Frontline, Vitals Consumer Services, Aptus Health, PulsePoint, MedicineNet, eMedicineHealth, RxList, OnHealth, Medscape Education, and other owned WebMD sites. WebMD®, Medscape®, CME Circle®, Medpulse®, eMedicine®, MedicineNet®,®, and RxList® are among the trademarks of WebMD Health Corp. or its subsidiaries.

Lyra Health

Lyra Health is a provider of workforce mental health benefits, available to more than 17 million people globally. Lyra is transforming access to mental healthcare using AI-powered provider matching, personalized support, and a digital platform to deliver evidence-based support for individuals and teams.

Lyra connects members to a global network of evidenced-based mental health providers and well-being tools to address mental health needs. Independent peer-reviewed research confirms that Lyra’s transformative care model helps people recover twice as fast with lasting improvement and reduces overall healthcare claims costs for participants by approximately $2,300 per participant per year.

Spring Health

Spring Health, headquartered in New York, NY,  is a global behavioral health solution that connects individuals and families with personalized interventions and mental healthcare through Spring Health’s Precision Mental Healthcare. Certified by the Validation Institute for demonstrating net savings for customers, Spring Health also provides global business leaders with intelligent technology, real-time insights, and clinical expertise to support their organizations. 

Currently, more than 10 million people worldwide have access to Spring Health. It is used by leading employers, health plans, and channel partners including Adobe, Bumble, Delta, General Mills, Moda Health, Wellstar, and Guardian. Recently, Spring Health expanded its therapy solutions through the acquisition of Bloom's Self-Guided Digital Interventions Content. Additionally, the company collaborated with 2Morrow to enhance tobacco cessation support for its customers. 


Numotion is a provider of products and services that provide mobility, health, and personal independence. The company is based in Brentwood, TN, and has more than 150 locations across the country, serving more than 260,000 people.

Collaborating closely with clinicians and health plans, the company delivers prescription-based solutions, including individually tailored Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), catheters, and assorted assistive devices. Operating under the umbrella of CorLife, Numotion extends its services to workers' compensation insurance carriers, orchestrating comprehensive care solutions for injured employees, including mobility equipment, medical provisions, and home healthcare services. Additionally, via SpinLife, Numotion extends online retail accessibility to a broad array of mobility aids and lifestyle enhancement products, facilitating enhanced independence both within and beyond the confines of home environments.


Headspace is a leader in the mental health field, with a global presence spanning over 200 countries and regions. It provides accessible support to individuals worldwide through its flagship Headspace app that offers mindfulness tools such as meditations, sleep casts, mindful movement, and focus exercises for everyday use. Additionally, the company offers enterprise solutions that combine coaching, therapy, psychiatry, and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services.

The company’s workforce is comprised of experts, including mental health clinicians, producers, and data scientists. Recently, Headspace launched an all-in-one mental health offering and expanded its EAP replacement solution. Notably, Headspace also introduced Headspace XR, an immersive mindfulness and meditation app developed in partnership with Meta and Nexus Studios. This innovative platform allows users to strengthen their mind-body connection and engage in various activities within a virtual environment.

iRhythm Technologies

iRhythm is a digital healthcare company that provides solutions that detect, predict, and prevent disease. The company combines wearable biosensors and cloud-based data analytics with proprietary algorithms to distill data from millions of heartbeats into clinically actionable information, setting a new standard for how cardiac arrhythmias are diagnosed. The iRhythm headquarters is in San Francisco, with other offices located in Chicago, Houston, Orange County, the U.K., and the Philippines. 

Notably, iRhythm has created a unique platform, Zio by iRhythm, which allows physicians to diagnose many arrhythmias more quickly and efficiently than traditional technologies, avoiding multiple indeterminate tests, allowing for appropriate medical intervention, and potentially avoiding more serious downstream medical events, including stroke. 


Noom is a subscription-based app for tracking a person's food intake and exercise habits, founded in 2008 by Artem Petakov and Saeju Jeong. The company is known for its emphasis on behavior change and mental wellness. Through the use of artificial intelligence, mobile tech, psychology, and over 1,000 personal coaches, Noom helps people live healthier lives by changing their long-term habits.

More than 50 million people have benefited from Noom’s behavior change courses, including its virtual diabetes prevention program, which was the first of its kind to be recognized by the CDC. The Noom platform is already being used by leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to improve treatment outcomes for patients worldwide. The company is headquartered in New York City with employees living and working worldwide.

Hims and Hers

Hims & Hers Health, Inc. is a telehealth company that sells prescription and over-the-counter drugs online, as well as personal care products. Andrew Dudum founded Hims Inc. with Jack Abraham and Hilary Coles in 2017, and in 2018, they launched Hers. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and offers products and services across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

In 2019, Hims raised $100 million in a Series C funding round, and it reached a valuation of $1.6 billion after closing a deal with Oaktree Capital Management to go public. In April 2020, Hims launched its mental health offerings, including anonymous group therapy. 

Omada Health

Omada Health is a virtual healthcare provider headquartered in San Francisco that implements clinically validated behavior change protocols for individuals living with diabetes, hypertension, prediabetes, weight health, and musculoskeletal issues. The company has more than a decade of experience and data and 28 peer-reviewed publications that showcase its clinical and economic results. Omada’s scope exceeds 1,900 customers, including health plans, health systems, and employers ranging in size from small businesses to Fortune 500s. 

An industry leader, Omada is the first virtual provider to join the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Leadership Alliance, reflecting the aim to complement primary care providers for the benefit of members. 


LetsGetChecked is a global healthcare solutions company that provides the tools to manage health from home through health testing, virtual care, and medication delivery for a wide range of health and wellness conditions. LetsGetChecked's end-to-end model includes manufacturing, logistics, lab analysis, physician support, and prescription fulfillment.

Recent milestones include the launch of myGeneticScreen, offering personalized insights into inherited cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, LetsGetChecked's FDA De Novo Authorization for its At-Home Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing System signifies a significant advancement in accessible diagnostic tools. The addition of Lipoprotein(a) to its testing options further enhances cardiovascular risk identification, reinforcing LetsGetChecked's commitment to proactive health management. LetsGetChecked is available nationwide in the United States, the United Kingdom, and most EU countries. It is co-headquartered in Dublin and New York.

Everly Health

Everly Health is a digital health platform that provides solutions for remotely diagnosing and managing recurring health conditions. It was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Austin, TX. Serving millions annually, Everly Health collaborates with over 100 enterprise clients to bridge gaps in care and deliver diagnostics-driven solutions. The company provides individuals with convenient access to clinically actionable testing and remote care.

Through partnerships with hundreds of companies and retail entities, including national health plans, universities, and brick-and-mortar brands, Everly Health extends its reach to millions of households to provide health and wellness solutions. In 2021, Everly Health acquired three businesses -- the national clinician network PWNHealth, home testing company Home Access Health, and fertility and pregnancy company Natalist, a company that is committed to revolutionizing the journey to parenthood. Additionally, Everlywell offers a range of health and wellness solutions, including laboratory testing for wellness monitoring and educational purposes. 

Castle Biosciences 

Founded in 2008, Castle Biosciences is a molecular diagnostics company that provides commercial and pipeline tests that target unmet clinical needs along the patient care continuum. The company markets six proprietary tests designed to answer clinical questions and address treatment plan challenges facing clinicians in dermatologic cancers, uveal melanoma, Barrett’s esophagus, and mental health conditions.

Examples of the company’s tests include DecisionDx®-SCC, a GEP test that predicts the risk of metastasis in patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma, who have one or more risk factors; DecisionDx®-UM, the standard of care in uveal melanoma staging, predicting the risk of metastasis for patients with uveal melanoma, a rare eye cancer; and the TissueCypher® Barrett’s Esophagus test, the world’s first precision medicine test designed to predict future development of esophageal cancer in patients with Barrett’s esophagus. The company has an estimated U.S. Total Addressable Market (TAM) of approximately $8 billion for its commercially available tests and an additional estimated $5.7 billion market potential through its pipeline initiatives.


Biofourmis is a global technology company that provides FDA-cleared AI-enabled analytics that collect and analyze patient data in real time and identifies shifts that require proactive interventions. It provides individuals with connected access to hospital-level services, virtual provider networks for remote care, in-home services, and life-changing clinical trials, virtually. 

Leading health systems, payers, biopharma companies, and patients use the company’s platform. The platform improves patient outcomes, prevents hospital readmissions, accelerates drug development, and closes critical gaps in care. Biofourmis is headquartered in Boston and has key offices in Singapore and India.


Parallel is a company that focuses on the wellness industry, specifically through the use of cannabinoids. The company offers a range of cannabis, CBD, and hemp products designed to enhance well-being and quality of life, providing rest, recovery, relief, and revelry. Parallel primarily serves the medical and adult-use markets in the cannabis industry. Parallel was formerly known as Surterra Wellness. It was founded in 2014 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, the company operates 50 retail stores, cultivation facilities, and manufacturing sites across four states. The company offers customers a reliable experience to connect, learn, and access high-quality cannabis products in various forms.

Notable achievements include the launch of the First CBN Cannabis Product Line for Patients Through Texas Compassionate Use Program, the first medical cannabis gummies for the Texas Compassionate Use Program New cannabis-infused gummies provide Texas patients with conveniently-administered doses of THC and CBD for conditions such as terminal cancer, spasticity, autism, epilepsy, and incurable neurological diseases, and the launch of Wana Premium Cannabis-Infused Gummies Across All Surterra Dispensaries in Florida.

Allurion Technologies

Founded in 2009, Allurion provides innovative weight-loss solutions. The company's flagship Allurion Program integrates medical, digital, and nutritional strategies, supported by a dedicated team. The platform features the Allurion Gastric Balloon, the world’s first and only swallowable, procedure-less intragastric balloon for weight loss that eliminates the need for routine surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia. 

The platform also offers access to the Allurion Virtual Care Suite, including the Allurion Mobile App for consumers, Allurion Insights for healthcare providers featuring the Coach Iris AI Platform, and the Allurion Connected Scale. Additionally, Allurion provides connected scale and health tracker devices to aid in monitoring progress.

Rally Health

Rally Health is a digital health company that collaborates with health plans, healthcare providers, and employers to engage consumers. The company’s flagship offering is Rally®, a digital health platform that delivers web and mobile solutions to help people manage their employee benefits, health and well-being, and healthcare needs.

Nearly 60 million consumers have access to the Rally platform through more than 200,000 employers and health plans, including UnitedHealthcare and BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina. Rally Health, which is part of the Optum business of UnitedHealth Group, has been working since 2010 to transform the consumer health experience. The company has offices across offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, and Las Vegas.

Prolacta Bioscience

Established in 1999 and headquartered in Duarte, CA, Prolacta Bioscience is a global life sciences company dedicated to advancing the science of human milk, to improve the health of premature and critically ill infants. It is the world’s leading provider of human milk-based nutritional products for hospital use and is also exploring the therapeutic potential of human milk across a wide spectrum of diseases. Prolacta's 100% human milk-based nutritional products have been evaluated in more than 20 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals. More than 90,000 premature infants have benefited from Prolacta’s nutritional products worldwide to date.

Operating the world’s first pharmaceutical-grade human milk processing facilities, Prolacta uses vat pasteurization and a patented, FDA-reviewed manufacturing process to ensure pathogen inactivation, while protecting the nutritional composition and bioactivity of its human milk-based products. 

Nonin Medical

Nonin Medical was founded in 1986 by Phil Isaacson and a team of three engineers, to make noninvasive healthcare measuring devices more reliable and affordable. Today, Nonin is a global leader in medical monitoring with partners and customers in more than 125 countries. Nonin Medical invented finger pulse oximetry and develops highly accurate noninvasive medical monitoring solutions. The company provides pulse and cerebral oximeters, capnographs, sensors, OEM/eHealth, and veterinary solutions.

Nonin Medical is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, and has an additional customer service center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It sells its products to clinicians and consumers in more than 125 countries and has more than 200 OEM partners worldwide.


CooperCompanies was founded in 1958 as Martin H. Smith Co. and in 1961, incorporated as Cooper Tinsley Laboratories Inc. The company changed its name to Cooper Laboratories Inc. in 1967 and entered the contact lens business when it acquired British lens maker GlobalVision in 1972. It is a medical device company that consists of two business units, CooperVision (CVI) which manufactures contact lenses, and CooperSurgical (CSI), which manufactures medical devices and fertility and genomic products for the women's health care market. 

Headquartered in San Ramon, CA, CooperCompanies has a workforce of more than 15,000 with products sold in over 130 countries. Products include a range of daily, two-week, and monthly disposable contact lenses, and other spherical, toric, and multifocal lenses for astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness, and presbyopia. CooperSurgical became a business unit in 1990. 


iHealth, a provider of digital health solutions headquartered in San Jose, CA, offers a range of IoT medical devices: blood pressure monitors, glucometers, thermometers, oximeters, and at-home test kits (including its widely-recognized orange-box COVID-19 tests). Since its founding in 2010, the company’s consumer-friendly healthcare solutions have been making quality health management more accessible and affordable. To date, the company has supplied over 1 billion test kits and donated $10 million of tests and PPE to local governments and community organizations.

In 2018, the company introduced iHealth Unified Care, a full-service program for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and chronic condition management (CCM) that enables doctors and patients to manage conditions such as diabetes and hypertension more effectively. By combining innovative technology with expert personnel, patient education about diet and lifestyle, and wrap-around support, iHealth Unified Care is bridging the gap between clinic and home to significantly improve patient outcomes.iHealth is actively partnering with medical clinics in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area to empower healthier lives by simplifying the management of chronic conditions.


Mindoula is a health management company that identifies, engages, and serves populations with complex behavioral health, medical, and social challenges across the continuum of care. Powered by its multi-platform technology suite that includes adaptive data science, proprietary psychometrics, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence, Mindoula deploys teams of virtual and in-person care extenders to deliver 24/7 support and care to individuals and families in need. Mindoula helps health plans, health systems, hospitals, and provider groups extend their reach.

Headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland, Mindoula is currently operating in California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia with continued national expansion plans to meet the growing need for whole-person care.


Headquartered in Chicago, mPulse provides digital solutions for the healthcare industry. By combining AI-powered analytics, omnichannel outreach, and digital health navigation technology, mPulse creates personalized health journeys and provides advanced insights to power collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem. With over a decade of experience and four billion consumer touchpoints annually, over 300 healthcare organizations partner with mPulse.

Recently, mPulse has acquired HealthTrio and Decision Point Healthcare Solutions. The acquisition of HealthTrio, a provider of health management and member engagement services, and Decision Point, an analytics and member-experience optimization company, positions mPulse as a full-service member engagement, analytics, and activation platform for healthcare organizations.


SteadyMD powers high-quality telehealth experiences for digital healthcare companies, labs, pharmacies, large employers, and other healthcare innovators. The company offers a 50-state clinician workforce, clinical operations, and a world-class product and technology. It was founded by Guy Friedman and Yarone Goren 

In 2016, SteadyMD launched a first-of-its-kind concierge primary care service, direct-to-consumer, and completely online. The service was centered around creating long-lasting and ongoing personal relationships between patients and doctors. SteadyMD initially launched in two states: California and Missouri. By 2018, the company was licensed, operating, and providing care in all 50 states.


Headquartered in San Jose, CA, VitalConnect is a wearable biosensor technology company for wireless patient monitoring in both hospital and remote patient populations. VitalConnect leverages extensive expertise in biomedical engineering, data analytics, chip design, and mobile and cloud software to create technology that supports decision-making paradigms that achieve better health and economic outcomes. Its products are designed for use in a broad range of inpatient and outpatient settings, such as hospital monitoring, post-discharge care, cardiac monitoring, and pharmaceutical solutions. The VitalConnect end-to-end remote patient monitoring solution monitors up to 11 measurements in near real-time with customizable alerts, while allowing screening for 21 cardiac arrhythmias, to enable constant and unprecedented insight into patient health.

VitalConnect has an experienced commercial and technical leadership team with a proven track record in the healthcare market. Additionally, the company has a large portfolio of intellectual properties, including more than 100 patents. Recent notable achievements include a partnership with Fifth Eye Inc., a provider of intuitive real-time clinical analytics. By VitalConnect integrating Fifth Eye’s AHI System™, which is the only FDA-cleared medical device software that can detect hemodynamic instability signaling potential deterioration ahead of vital signs, healthcare professionals are offered even more comprehensive patient information. 

Vori Health

Vori Health is a healthcare provider practicing a holistic, integrated approach starting with musculoskeletal care. The organization offers full-service physical medicine and rehabilitation medical care, physical therapy, prescriptions, imaging and lab ordering, health coaching, nutritional guidance, community support, and premium instructional content. The team consists of board-certified/licensed providers and provides services that are accessible virtually through its platform.

In December of 2023, Vori Health partnered with Contigo Health, a health benefits platform that leads direct-to-employer and direct-to-provider relationships, to create a comprehensive musculoskeletal benefit solution. The highly integrated program for self-funded employers combines Contigo Health's orthopedic surgical Centers of Excellence (COE) program with Vori's virtual non-operative MSK care model—creating a single, evidence-based benefit solution for millions of employees who struggle with back and joint pain.