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Early fortification of enteral feedings for infants <1250 grams birth weight receiving a human milk diet including human milk based fortifier

Source: J Neonatal Perinatal Me

Growth, body composition, and neurodevelopmental outcomes at 2 years among preterm infants fed an exclusive human milk diet in the neonatal intensive care unit: a pilot study

Source: Breastfeed Med

Policy statement of enteral nutrition for preterm and very low birthweight infants

Source: Pediatr Int


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Necrotizing enterocolitis reduction using an exclusive human-milk diet and probiotic supplementation in infants with 1000-1499 gram birth weight


Nutr Clin Pract


Sato R, Malai S, Razmjouy B

Composition and variation of macronutrients, immune proteins, and human milk oligosaccharides in human milk from nonprofit and commercial milk banks


J Hum Lact


Meredith-Dennis L, Xu G, Goonatilleke E, Lebrilla CB, Underwood MA, Smilowitz JT

Macronutrient analysis of a nationwide sample of donor breast milk


J Am Diet Assoc


Wojcik KY, Rechtman DJ, Lee ML, Montoya A, Medo ET

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